Serious Actors. No Director. One Rehearsal. In a Bar.


this is for fooling around in...


There isn't an online database of free, good, 90 minute cuttings of Shakespeare plays.

This is insane. We're here to help. 

Everyone is constantly repeating the same work: cutting Shakespeare to about 90 minutes. No one shares their scripts. Why? Why? Why? Let's be more generous with each other. 

You'll probably want to change parts of them. But at least they're good, workable places to start, dammit. 

In a bar, 13,000 words is about 90 minutes. Good luck with the formatting and such - lots of different people did these cuttings, so the formatting is all over the place.

If you have a cutting of a script that is not linked on this list and would like to generously add it, please get in touch (click Chicago). 


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If you've landed here without understanding where you are, please, use the scripts! Also, check out the rest of this website - it'll help give some context to why the cuttings are the way they are.  


All's Well That Ends Well

As You Like It  
15,124 words.
Cutting by BRSP, 2014. 

Comedy of Errors
11,246 words
Cutting by by BRSP, 2016

Love's Labour's Lost
13,099 words
By BRSP, 2012

Measure for Measure
14,980 words
By BRSP, 2012

Merchant of Venice
13,119 words
By BRSP, 2015

Merry Wives of Windsor

Midsummer Night's Dream
12,882 words
By BRSP, 2012

Much Ado about Nothing
10,976 words
By BRSP, 2014

Taming of the Shrew
By BRSP, 2014

13,103 words
By BRSP, 2015

Twelfth Night
13,742 words
By BRSP, 2012

Twelfth Night
13,416 words
By BRSP, 2015

Two Gentlemen of Verona
12,292 Words
By BRSP, 2016

Winter's Tale
15,971 Words
By BRSP, 2012



Anthony and Cleopatra
13,071 words
By BRSP, 2019

10,352 words
By BRSP, 2018

13,273 words
By BRSP, 2014

7,465 words
By BRSP, 2016

15,423 words
By BRSP, 2012

Julius Caesar 
13,177 words
By BRSP, 2014

King Lear
15,767 words
Br BRSP, 2018

9,597 Words
By BRSP, 2014

17,793 words
By BRSP, 2015

Romeo and Juliet
12,618 Words
By BRSP, 2012

Romeo and Juliet
9,434 Words
By BRSP, 2017

Timon of Athens

Titus Andronicus
13,939 words
By BRSP, 2017

Troilus and Cressida
13,531 words
By BRSP, 2016


Henry IV, Part I

Henry IV, Part II

Henry IV, Parts I & II Combined
18,832 words
By BRSP & Hannah Todd

Henry V

Henry VI, Part I

Henry VI, Part II

Henry VI, Part III

Henry VIII

King John
13,563 words
By BRSP, 2014


Richard II

Richard III
15,412 Words
By BRSP, 2018